Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Robot Armies, coming out of the notebook, and exploding heads

This looks like it could be potentially fun.

Harper Collins has a new genre fiction branch called Angry Robot Books. They're slated to officially open in the UK this summer, and then in the US in the fall.

Interestingly enough, I was reminded on the AR webiste that HC also has this other site called Authonomy, where budding authors can post things for peer review. (The peers, in this case, being fellow budding authors.) I am pretty sure that I originally heard the mention of this page from one of my friends' blogs, but to be honest, I can't remember whose it was, but this second appearance of it into my field of attention made me decide to actually go and check it out.

I think I might set up an account. I have, after all, been trying to work up the courage to take my writing out of the dozens of composition notebooks lying around my apartment and put them somewhere where other people can actually see them and give me feedback.

But none of that will happen if this weather system doesn't finally push through and my head explodes. Gah!!!!

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Auntie Em?

There's been a low-pressure system stalking us for the past several days.

It gets close... and then backs off.

Or, it skirts us entirely.

Meanwhile, it's windy as all get-out (and my roof sounds like it's about to take off), my head feels as if it is about to explode, and my bad knee is making walking rather unpleasant.


Monday, March 02, 2009


I was out at the bus stop, this morning, with plenty of time before either the regular 6 or the 6 Limited (which starts its route at my stop) were to come by.

There must have been something going on at the Business School, as there was a slightly larger crowd of suited students than usual for non-summer months (when the bus only runs once an hour).

When the Limited pulled up (empty), people filed on and filled it to capacity. The driver refused any more passengers, leaving about a dozen of us standing out in the 10-degree weather.

We twelve stood there, watching the bus pull away. A couple of the left-behind business students looked as if they were standing on the deck of the Titanic, watching the last lifeboat leave.

We waited for the regular 6, which ought to have arrived within two minutes.

We waited... and waited... and waited.

After about ten minutes, I finally called Bloomington Transit and asked where the bus was. I was told that one of the busses was "having problems" and would be around as soon as they could send one.

So, we waited until the next Limited came by, on its regular schedule.

All in all, I stood out there for half an hour, and by the time I got into my office, I was shaking so violently it took two tries to unlock the door.

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Sunday, March 01, 2009


A necessary evil, yes, but I do fancy fresh underpants, every morning, so it must be done.