Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Almost time for GenCon!

Just a couple more weeks until GenCon!

It will be a much different experience for me, this year, as I will not be working at the booth - except for giving some people breaks as needed. Instead, I will be leading several activities in the SPA (non-gaming) programming track, and *gasp!* actually attending some games, myself!

I'd pondered doing the zombie lurch, but it conflicts with another activity that I'd really like to do. No problem, though - as my glorious plan to go as a Borg-ified Starfleet officer went down the tubes when I couldn't find anyone who could lend me a Starfleet jacket in my size. (Though, there's still my Dead Redshirt costume from a couple of Halloweens ago!)

Speaking of Star Trek, I'm looking forward to the double feature of Star Treks II and III on Wednesday night.

But most of all, I'm looking forward to getting to hang out with some good friends, whom I only see at GenCon. We have many plans, already - from heading to our favorite Indian restaurant that is within walking distance (but just far enough away that the other 30,000 people don't seem to know about it), to amassing the entertainers and the authors and storming the WotC booth.

There will be media guests, this year, so I suspect we won't have as huge a space for impromptu jam/dance sessions as we did, last year, though. However, in the past, we've been able to get our "booth neighbors" to join our impromptu jam/dance sessions, so who knows what might happen?



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