Monday, February 09, 2009

Not quite an experiment, yet

I'm always pretty bad about taking down my Christmas tree, but since it's fake and it doesn't take up any space that I would otherwise need, anyway, I just can't be bothered.

Well, here we are, halfway through February, and it's still there, cheerfully glowing from its perch on the side table I use to display houseplants.

I haven't made a conscious decision to see how long I can keep it up - as I know that I will, in fact, get sick of looking at it, eventually - but I just can't help but look at it as a comforting constant in my bleary little life. I know that, no matter how crappy my day is, no matter how cranky I may feel, I can come home and plug in my tree, and it will beam softly illuminated cheer into the room.

Also, there are only three ornaments with actual Christmas themes. The rest are generic "winter" decorations or Star Trek and Star Wars ships and figures.

I think it's got at least another week and a half in it.



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