Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It's the Registration Roadshow!

After two years of not being allowed to go to off-site conferences, because someone had told someone who'd told someone that I couldn't, due to my pay status... my boss did some digging around and found out that I can, in fact travel.

So, from now until Christmas (save for two weeks in November), I will be spending Tuesday afternoons through Thursday evenings on the road, at one of the numerous tax institutes around the state.

Because I had a lot of Stuff to bring out here (the usual registration materials, plus several crates of 3-inch binders, stuffed to the gills with course materials), I was given a 2008 Land Yacht to drive. It's not a van, but it's not an SUV. And, unlike all of the 15-passenger vans that I used to drive around the windy mountain roads when I worked for the Girl Scout camp in the Adirondacks, this doesn't allow me to see the ground.

It's lumbering and unwieldly... kind of like the Titanic, but with a cd-player.

I am pleased to report, however, that unlike the Westin in downtown Indianapolis, during GenCon, the Holiday Inn in Terre Haute has a working hot tub - with ADULT SWIM hours! (No kids in the pool area after 9pm!!!)

But, now that it is closed for the night, I am relaxing in my room, watching some really bizarre French movie, concerning a plucky young girl in a red sweater and pleated skirt, spewing witty banter at the buffoonish adults she encounters around Paris.


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