Monday, February 19, 2007

Let's hope I don't suffer the same fate as the cat...

I gave in to curiosity, this weekend, and signed up on eHarmony for their "free communication weekend".

What I discovered is that, after spending an hour filling out their survey, I must go through their little series of steps before actually being able to "communicate" with anyone!

Well, obviously, by the time you send your pre-selected questions to your match, and they answer, and they send YOU questions, and you answer, and you send them your "must have's and can't stands" (a stupid concept, because, really, as I don't like saying that I "must have" anything...), and then you apparently (if I'm reading the list correctly), get to read a message from Dr. ICreatedThisService, and THEN, you get to communicate with the person... your "free" time is long since gone!

Oh, and then there are the "Oh, our servers are busy... come back, later!"

I suppose it's for the best, anyway. We wouldn't want to pick up a stalker, again, now would we? (;


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