Sunday, November 19, 2006

Playing Grownup

I can remember when my parents were the age that I am, now. Heck, I can rememberme when my parents were the age I am, now.

They had college degrees, careers, two cars, a house, and three kids.

I have a college degree, an incomplete graduate degree, a car, an apartment, and fish.

I can't help but think that I"m just not doing something right.

First off, every time I host friends, I feel the same way I used to when I played house as a kid - that it's just pretend.

That being said, since I and other people have mid-day and dinner invitations for Thanksgiving, I am hosting brunch, instead. We will sit around in our pajamas, and make pancakes and watch the Macy's parade.

I'm pondering also making candied sweet potatoes... using Peeps instead of marshmallows...


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