Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Now, there's a reunion I'd go to!

So, my evil twin* has notified me that the 50th anniversary of the camp where we worked together is next year, and that there'll be some reunion-y type festivities!

We ended up spending the better part of half an hour not doing what we were supposed to be doing (i.e., work), and instead reminiscing about our days of running amok at Camp Asbury, all those years ago. (Well, OK, I was IMing while I did other work, but he claims that I totally distracted him from his important somethingorother project he's putting together for his speech clients. Whatever.)

We have decided that we must find a way to get him from there to here... so that we can road trip over to here.

He proposed a lemonade stand, but I suggested that he open his own walking tour company, and tell the tourists a load of crap some tall tales, just like we used to do with the campers on some of the more humorous nature hikes. (;

*Though he still maintains that he is the good one


Blogger Continental Drifts said...

Walking tour company sounds like the way to go; there's not limit to human guilability (is that a word?).

5:28 PM  

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